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The effects of surface modification on the electrical properties of p-n(+) junction silicon nanowires grown by an aqueous electroless etching method, S. Lee, J. H. Koo, J. Seo, S. D. Kim, K. H. Lee, S. Im, Y. W. Kim, and T. Lee,  J. Nanopart. Res. 14 (5), 10 (2012).
Multifunctional Fe3O4/TaOx Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Magnetic Resonance Imaging and X-ray Computed Tomography, N. Lee, H. R. Cho, M. H. Oh, S. H. Lee, K. Kim, B. H. Kim, K. Shin, T. Y. Ahn, J. W. Choi, Y. W. Kim, S. H. Choi, and T. Hyeon,  J Am Chem Soc 134 (25), 10309 (2012).
Near room-temperature synthesis of transfer-free graphene films, J. Kwak, J. H. Chu, J. K. Choi, S. D. Park, H. Go, S. Y. Kim, K. Park, S. D. Kim, Y. W. Kim, E. Yoon, S. Kodambaka, and S. Y. Kwon,  Nat. Commun. 3 (2012).
Effect of the electrode materials on the resistive switching of Ti4O7D. S. Ko, S. I. Kim, T. Y. Ahn, S. D. Kim, Y. H. Oh, and Y. W. Kim,  Appl Phys Lett 101 (5) (2012).
Low-temperature formation of epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC induced by continuous electron beam irradiation, H. Go, J. Kwak, Y. Jeon, S. D. Kim, B. C. Lee, H. S. Kang, J. H. Ko, N. Kim, B. K. Kim, J. W. Yoo, S. Y. Kim, Y. W. Kim, S. Y. Kwon, and K. Park,  Appl Phys Lett 101 (9) (2012).
One-step graphene coating of heteroepitaxial GaN films, J. K. Choi, J. H. Huh, S. D. Kim, D. Moon, D. Yoon, K. Joo, J. Kwak, J. H. Chu, S. Y. Kim, K. Park, Y. W. Kim, E. Yoon, H. Cheong, and S. Y. Kwon,  Nanotechnology 23 (43) (2012).
GaN light-emitting diodes on glass substrates with enhanced electroluminescence, J. H. Choi, H. Y. Ahn, Y. S. Lee, K. Park, T. H. Kim, K. S. Cho, C. W. Baik, S. I. Kim, H. Yoo, E. H. Lee, B. L. Choi, S. D. Kim, Y. W. Kim, M. Kim, and S. Hwang,  J. Mater. Chem. 22 (43), 22942 (2012).
Copper-indium-selenide quantum dot-sensitized solar cells, J. Yang, J. Y. Kim, J. H. Yu, T. Y. Ahn, H. Lee, T. S. Choi, Y. W. Kim, J. Joo, M. J. Ko, and T. Hyeon,  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (47), 20517 (2013).
Characterization of deep levels in GaInP on Ge and Ge-on-Si substrates by photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence, C. Yang, S. Lee, K. W. Shin, S. Oh, D. Moon, S. D. Kim, Y. W. Kim, C. Z. Kim, W. K. Park, W. J. Choi, J. Park, and E. Yoon,  J Cryst Growth 370, 168 (2013).
Reversible wettability control of silicon nanowire surfaces: From superhydrophilicity to superhydrophobicity, J. Seo, S. Lee, H. Han, Y. Chung, J. Lee, S. D. Kim, Y. W. Kim, S. Lim, and T. Lee,  Thin Solid Films 527, 179 (2013).
Improvement of metal gate/high-k dielectric CMOSFETs characteristics by atomic layer etching of high-k gate dielectric, K. S. Min, C. Park, C. Y. Kang, C. S. Park, B. J. Park, Y. W. Kim, B. H. Lee, J. C. Lee, G. Bersuker, P. Kirsch, R. Jammy, and G. Y. Yeom,  Solid State Electron 82, 82 (2013).
Self-assembled Fe3O4 nanoparticle clusters as high-performance anodes for lithium ion batteries via geometric confinement, S. H. Lee, S. H. Yu, J. E. Lee, A. Jin, D. J. Lee, N. Lee, H. Jo, K. Shin, T. Y. Ahn, Y. W. Kim, H. Choe, Y. E. Sung, and T. Hyeon,  Nano Lett 13 (9), 4249 (2013).
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